Mailtrain v1.14.0

As you might remember then I ran a crowdfunding campaign through May and June. The campaign is now ended and the resulting updates are available for anyone to download. Huge props for all the backers! Thanks to the campaign Mailtrain now has support for trigger-based automation that enables any kind of autoresponders and drip campaigns. You can read about setting up the triggers from the Mailtrain Wiki.

In short, you can define rules like X days after a subscriber opened campaign Y send campaign Z or X days after subscriber signed up send campaign Y that constantly monitor subscribers and if a subscriber hits a trigger the resulting campaign is sent to his/her address. You can set up as many triggers you want and these can be chained as well. For example, you send out a campaign 1 day after signup and the next campaign 2 days after the subscriber opened the first one. Or send a different campaign if the subscriber did not open the first one.

To make things even more interesting you can combine different features in Mailtrain:

  1. Add a custom date field “Subscription Expires” to your subscribers’ list
  2. Whenever a new user signs up to your service use Mailtrain API to add this user to your list together with the expiration date for the custom field
  3. Create a triggered campaign “Your subscription for my service ends in 3 days”
  4. Create a trigger that fires “-3” days after the expiration date field value (it means is that the trigger fires 3 days before the date value in the custom expiration date field)

But hey, that’s not all!

I have also fixed several bugs, for example, a bug with segmentation rules where using condition ANY resulted listing all subscribers of the list. You can also use throttling when sending out campaigns if your SMTP provider requires you to send slower than some specific sending speed. And finally, there’s now an option to turn off automatic list subscription and unsubscription notifications.

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